Growing DeFi to One Billion Users by 2025

Founded With Institutional Trading Firms

The DeFi Alliance was founded in March of 2020 with top tier trading and venture firms CMT Digital, Cumberland DRW, Jump Capital and Volt Capital

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Our Mission

We launched to help DeFi startups connect with trading firms and have grown our network and mandate ever since. 

We now have a mission to grow DeFi to one billion users by 2025 by uniting builders with industry.

Our Values


Only by working together can we succeed in building a new and open digital economy.

Building to Scale

We aspire and inspire to get the most out of ourselves and others. We will catalyze DeFi by leveraging automation, repetition, and network.  

Day One Hypothesis

We are certain about the societal potential of open economic systems but we do not know exactly how it will take shape.

Our Team

We are a team of builders building a platform for other builders. Our team include former founders, venture investors, traders and other capital markets specialists, developers and more. 

Imran Khan
Lead / Partner
Qiao Wang
Jacob Franek
Shah Hafizi
Partner & General Counsel
William Robinson
Head of Accelerator
Jocelyn Robancho
Head Of Operations
Roberto Riccio
Head of Product
Carter McAlister
Software Engineer

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