Founded With Institutional Trading Firms

The DeFi Alliance was founded in March of 2020 with top tier trading and venture firms CMT Digital, Cumberland DRW, Jump Capital and Volt Capital

About the
DeFi Alliance Network

The DeFi Alliance Network (D.A.N.) is an industry association of stakeholders in the DeFi startup ecosystem.

Our members include trading firms, venture funds, exchanges, law firms, code auditors, community builders and Web 3 founders.


Member Companies


Market Makers




Individual Members

Why Join?

Deal Flow

Members get exclusive access to cohort project founders from application through to Demo Day and beyond.

Service Opportunities

The Accelerator provides member firms with a constant stream of opportunities to provide trade-related or other services to DeFi startups or to trade, provide liquidity, or integrate across DeFi protocols. 

Networking and Tools

Through our Member’s web app, Discord community, Accelerator programming and other events, members have access to the largest and most valuable DeFi community at their fingertips. 

Interested in Joining the Network?